Monday, June 9, 2014


Develop art making skills
I learned in this project that sometimes you can make a whole bunch of random stuff and put it together to make one awesome thing. Truly I just made the leaves and the tea cup and rat in my spare time I had no intention on putting them together. By doing so I gain familuriority with clay and glaze. Bringing all of these aspects together was a good challenge for my creativity it was like a puzzle.
Problem solving
One problem I had was really putting all of these seemingly random things together to make one. The big mistake was that the glaze didn't stick like I wanted it to on the book so I had to cover it up some how. I figured that since it was a book I could make something on top of it relating to a book I have read. Alice in wonderland came to mind when I did that hence the rat in the tea cup. Also I couldn't have a written anything on the cover since it was all black so I decided to put everything on the top to cover up the horrible glaze job.
This whole project was kind of winged not that it was last minute just I made a bunch of random things and they ended up working. I really stepped back and saw what I had done at the very end and I think it was better that way. If it was planned I would have maybe done a better job but I love how it came out. The different leaf colors off the black background and the white, green, and purple tea cup were nice touches. Overall I love how it came out now I just have to glue it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wearable art

Solve problems
At first I tried to use another cut out but failed because it broke so I did the only other little cut out I could find. The cut out that I chose copied Ms. Sudkamp and I always want to be original but that was okay. Having the initial cut out brake was a big problem but I got past it by making my buttons original.
I stepped back and looked at my work when I first got it in the bisque kiln to just see how many there were and how I had to work to glaze them. I didn't nor have i ever really though about how the things i make will turn out i just go with it and when they don't work I'll start over and make a new one. I've always kept my "mess ups" to use in future projects.
I had alot of people working to glaze all of my buttons in 1 day and they all had great feedback. It was kind of cool to be the leader of people which I need to get use to to go into the line of work I want. The people that helped inspired me with their ideas and suggestions.

Unconventional materials

Develop art making skills
I learned in this project that nothing lasts forever also how to create illusions. This piece got torn down by a janitor but it's ok because even though I didn't get a picture it was nice while it lasted. I created an illusion by twirling the computer tape in a spiral so it looks like different circles. I gained skill with the ribbon like material of the tape. I'm use to the ribbon feel but was unfamiliar with the way it bends and such.
Communicate message through art
The message I was trying to deliver was that even though event in life and in history seem insignificant to each other they are all connected in some way. Another ,that was unintentional, is nothing lasts forever. I've learned the second one alot this semester because most of my pieces get destroyed but it helps me learn that message. As for the first one I was thinking that everything really was connected such as the butterfly effect (you kill a butterfly in the past it effects someone being born in the future). This issue is everyone thinks that history is in 1 straight line but it's not its a whole Web that the Nepolian era can connect to the World War I I era.
I definitely had some help from a classmate. Not only did he help me thing of other ways to do it he helped hold things up and keep them in place. Also I had my work right behind the teachers desk so she would critique it and help me in the same way Bailey did. It really helped my creative process having all of the people help me with the spider web.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


1) Jessica Harrison
     makes porcelain girls in elegant gowns with tattoos all over them
     born in 1982; PhD in sculpture
2) What drew me to this artist is that she takes things that are viewed as elegant and propor and puts a macabre and rebellious twist on them. She is original and executes the point she is trying to covay very well.

Monday, March 24, 2014

After artist

1) My expectations did line up to a very high extent. This was a really fun project and really cool experience. So much so that I have used this for other projects aswell.
2) A struggle I had with this peice is doing the feet. The fabric would not stay wrapped around the wire. I figured out I could use glue to hold the fabric to the wire.
3) A successful peice was adding the accessories to the rat to make it steam punk. I think it gave it that extra wow factor that no one would of thought of.


Artist Create Original Art
In this piece I tried to go above and beyond everyone else. Not being limited to just one medium allowed me to do this. When I made this I was thinking about how I could incorperate nature into my piece because there are so many things I could use just outside the door. Even though I have to explain alittle bit how it was a "vessel" it is still a creative piece. I thought it would be really cool to make a real life scene of something that would normally be a picture. Also I thought of what the person I was giving it to would like (that person was Ms. Whiteside). Its a vessel by the wire is holding the raindrops but essentially its not useful.
Artists Develop Art Making Skills
I learned alot from this project. I leanred that hot glue is the best binding medium for fast work. Also I learned that if you cut wood the wrong way it will make a horrid squeak which is helpful because I will probably use wood for future projects. Another thing is proportion even though my project does not have very good proportion it looks well made because of where everything is oriented. I learned that just because something looks good in the piece doesnt mean it should be there. This peice really opened me up to possibilities I didnt think was possible in school.
Artists Reflect
I had to reflect throughout this whole project. When I was making the stand for the cloud I had to measure how tall I wanted the wood to be and how much my platform could take. When I was doing the platform I had to cut the foam core to match the grass just every aspect of this project was planned. I was going to try to cut a big peice of foam and try to pour water in to see if it would give a rain effect but then I saw that it would get everything else in the peice wet and I couldnt have that happen. I tried to put a squirrel in there but it was too big and didnt fit in with the peice. Even though some of thesr ideas didnt work I still made the peice come out to my liking.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Visiting artist

1) Bryant Holsenbeck is an environmental artist that makes natural things out of inorganic items that people usually throw out.
2) My expectations are that she will teach us how to make any animal (since in hindsight all 4 legged animals have basically the same structure) out of basic trash people throw away.
3) I think the project will be confusing at first but once i get the hang of it I will make something really cool.
4) I plan to make a rat or a deer or a fox or a raccoon.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book carving

I developed my idea by basing off fear of mirrors and I had this cool idea but it eould take up too much time so I did fear of water and just pained water. If I didnt have abclear plan before starting I would of never know what to do or where to start. Challenges I faced were keeping the layers straight and even and I think it messed up the whole project. I overcame the challenges by trying to make them as straight as possible and trying to ignore the parts I couldnt fix. The design of smaller boxes decending represents how people decend into their fear and once they are down deep into it its hard to get out. My risk was this whole project it was kind of hard because I am a perfectionist and this whole thing was very messy and unorganized. I felt very uneasy about this project I didnt like it very much because it was hard and messy.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mixed media

1. I showed amusment by having a soldier in a ballet studio dancing with the dancers and most people would find that funny. Ballet dancers are graceful and elegant but soldiers are usually tough and rugged so bringing these 2 elements together makes an amusing peice of work. It is unified because I put elements of a war bunker and a ballet studio so it flows together.
2. Using mixed media came quite simple to me because im so use to doing things like that. I used a mirror, wood models, flower petals, duck tape, paint, and cardboard.
3. The visual journaling mini project didnt really do much of anything for me because my peice didnt have the same elements.
4. One challenge I had was making sure there was enough in there to make it flow. At first there was just the background and the figures but I knew that wasnt enough so I added the baracades and the posters on the walls and it kind of tied it all together.