Thursday, September 12, 2013

Whats The Point?

1. Some of my solutions for "Whats The Point?" were a knife, space ship, point of a pencil, life, map, glass, and a tunnel
2. I chose a needle, something that doesnt make sense, song lyrics, tunnel, glass, space ship, map, books, knife, and love i chose these items because i thought they were creative and best conveyed the concept of "Whats The Point?"
3. How i showed contrast in my work was i kept the paper i wrote the lyrics on mostly white (except for the shadows of the folds) and colored darker shadows on the original paper.
4. The median i decided to use was pen and pencil. I chose these because pencil is very easy to control especially for shading but the pen would stand out over the pen to create emphasis on the lyrics.
5. The techniques i used in this picture were shading and ink.
6. The only risks i took with this project was the song lyric i wrote. Even though they are from different bands and not myself they are pretty deep. I love my music and i think using it was a creative and good choice.
7. The message i am conveying is that song lyrics have a point because alot of music not a days people always asks "whats the point of this song?". I tried to write down pretty clear lyrics even though you cant read all of what i wrote because of the layering of the paper i did but if you could they would be pretty clear.