Sculpture and Ceramics

Which did you learn most from?
The project that I learned the most from was probably my relief one. The reason I learned so much was that when I was working on it I really just made a bunch of random things together to make a fairly good piece. I had a general theme I mind which was Alice in Wonderland but the teacup, rat, and leaves were all made at separate times. I really put two projects together ,which was my relief and wearable art, but the clash between the two was harmonious. I learned that even if you have all of these pieces that don't seem to fit together in one way or another they will fit. This can come in handy if i have little time to do a future project and I need something fast. Nonetheless I do like to make little bits and pieces of things and use them together in an original way.
Which was your most successful?
The most successful piece this semester was my wrapped animal which was a steampunk rat. It was my best because it was the most realistic and it really showed my skill in different mediums. When I was making it I didn't think it would come out that well because when I tried to do other mediums I never really had that niche to make then look good. it really made me feel even better when the artist that helped us make these said that it was excellent. It helped me learn to be confident in whatever I do because even if I don't get it right I can always use it with something else. Even though it got destroyed in the library while on display I could always rebuild it to make it even better. Therefore, my steampunk wrapped animal was my best project yet.
Which warm up was the best?
The warm up that was my best was the "universe" illustration Friday. I really liked this one because I could self express as much as I wanted. I came up with the phrase myself and it really inspired a song for me to write. I want to really touch upon my drawing so the illustration Friday drawings were great practice and I will keep doing them and coming up with new ideas. I could of done something different and generic just to pass the time but I was inspired by the things I was learning to draw which was eyes. In the future I

will hope to come up with even more ideas for the same warm up to fuel my creativity. (pictures are in order)

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