Monday, June 9, 2014


Develop art making skills
I learned in this project that sometimes you can make a whole bunch of random stuff and put it together to make one awesome thing. Truly I just made the leaves and the tea cup and rat in my spare time I had no intention on putting them together. By doing so I gain familuriority with clay and glaze. Bringing all of these aspects together was a good challenge for my creativity it was like a puzzle.
Problem solving
One problem I had was really putting all of these seemingly random things together to make one. The big mistake was that the glaze didn't stick like I wanted it to on the book so I had to cover it up some how. I figured that since it was a book I could make something on top of it relating to a book I have read. Alice in wonderland came to mind when I did that hence the rat in the tea cup. Also I couldn't have a written anything on the cover since it was all black so I decided to put everything on the top to cover up the horrible glaze job.
This whole project was kind of winged not that it was last minute just I made a bunch of random things and they ended up working. I really stepped back and saw what I had done at the very end and I think it was better that way. If it was planned I would have maybe done a better job but I love how it came out. The different leaf colors off the black background and the white, green, and purple tea cup were nice touches. Overall I love how it came out now I just have to glue it.

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