Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wearable art

Solve problems
At first I tried to use another cut out but failed because it broke so I did the only other little cut out I could find. The cut out that I chose copied Ms. Sudkamp and I always want to be original but that was okay. Having the initial cut out brake was a big problem but I got past it by making my buttons original.
I stepped back and looked at my work when I first got it in the bisque kiln to just see how many there were and how I had to work to glaze them. I didn't nor have i ever really though about how the things i make will turn out i just go with it and when they don't work I'll start over and make a new one. I've always kept my "mess ups" to use in future projects.
I had alot of people working to glaze all of my buttons in 1 day and they all had great feedback. It was kind of cool to be the leader of people which I need to get use to to go into the line of work I want. The people that helped inspired me with their ideas and suggestions.

Unconventional materials

Develop art making skills
I learned in this project that nothing lasts forever also how to create illusions. This piece got torn down by a janitor but it's ok because even though I didn't get a picture it was nice while it lasted. I created an illusion by twirling the computer tape in a spiral so it looks like different circles. I gained skill with the ribbon like material of the tape. I'm use to the ribbon feel but was unfamiliar with the way it bends and such.
Communicate message through art
The message I was trying to deliver was that even though event in life and in history seem insignificant to each other they are all connected in some way. Another ,that was unintentional, is nothing lasts forever. I've learned the second one alot this semester because most of my pieces get destroyed but it helps me learn that message. As for the first one I was thinking that everything really was connected such as the butterfly effect (you kill a butterfly in the past it effects someone being born in the future). This issue is everyone thinks that history is in 1 straight line but it's not its a whole Web that the Nepolian era can connect to the World War I I era.
I definitely had some help from a classmate. Not only did he help me thing of other ways to do it he helped hold things up and keep them in place. Also I had my work right behind the teachers desk so she would critique it and help me in the same way Bailey did. It really helped my creative process having all of the people help me with the spider web.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


1) Jessica Harrison
     makes porcelain girls in elegant gowns with tattoos all over them
     born in 1982; PhD in sculpture
2) What drew me to this artist is that she takes things that are viewed as elegant and propor and puts a macabre and rebellious twist on them. She is original and executes the point she is trying to covay very well.