Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sticky situation

1. How u developed my ideas for "Sticky Situation" is I thought of stiuations that would put someone in a bad spot. I thought of how street artists look when they get caught by the police so I went off if that.
2. I think I was able to go outside of the box in multiple ways. One way was the idea ni one else that I saw had the idea of police finding this elaborate graffiti . The other way is that I didnt just use acrilyc paint I used spray paint too.
3. I was able to show repetition with the different color bricks but alot if them wete covered up by the spray paint.
4. The media I used was acrilyc and spray paint. I did fine with the acrilyc but the spray paint gave me trouble. The trouble the spray paint gave me was mostly my fault I didnt let it dry so it blended the 2 colors I put down.
5. The mimi lessons didnt help me much because I already knew how to use paint and none of the skills we learned were used or supose to be used in me painting.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Up Close and Personal

1. Developing my ideas was the hardest part because I wanted to be creative but the only ideas I came up with were pretty generic.  I finally chose the idea I did because I was fed up ttrying to think creatively. The picture I did of the eye with demons in it was pretty unoriginal compared to other ideas but the demons made it creaive.
2. I showed emphasis in this picture by isolating the eye and making it blue to stand out from the skin, the white and red of the eye, and the hair. Also I made it so the eye had black make up on so it would outline the eye even more.
3. I chose to use prisma colors for my medium. The reason being is I could add the detail of the eye without it blending or smudging like the oil or chalk pastels did.
4. The risks I took was making it an edgier subject like you can seem fine but if you look in your eyes you can see your inner demons. Also im usually bad with colored pencil but it kind of worked out this time.
5. I showed emotion in this picture because I made the person with a single tear dripping down like she is tired of her demons. This is a strong picture I think thats why I drew it I want to get a reaction.