Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book carving

I developed my idea by basing off fear of mirrors and I had this cool idea but it eould take up too much time so I did fear of water and just pained water. If I didnt have abclear plan before starting I would of never know what to do or where to start. Challenges I faced were keeping the layers straight and even and I think it messed up the whole project. I overcame the challenges by trying to make them as straight as possible and trying to ignore the parts I couldnt fix. The design of smaller boxes decending represents how people decend into their fear and once they are down deep into it its hard to get out. My risk was this whole project it was kind of hard because I am a perfectionist and this whole thing was very messy and unorganized. I felt very uneasy about this project I didnt like it very much because it was hard and messy.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mixed media

1. I showed amusment by having a soldier in a ballet studio dancing with the dancers and most people would find that funny. Ballet dancers are graceful and elegant but soldiers are usually tough and rugged so bringing these 2 elements together makes an amusing peice of work. It is unified because I put elements of a war bunker and a ballet studio so it flows together.
2. Using mixed media came quite simple to me because im so use to doing things like that. I used a mirror, wood models, flower petals, duck tape, paint, and cardboard.
3. The visual journaling mini project didnt really do much of anything for me because my peice didnt have the same elements.
4. One challenge I had was making sure there was enough in there to make it flow. At first there was just the background and the figures but I knew that wasnt enough so I added the baracades and the posters on the walls and it kind of tied it all together.