art 2 final portfilio

1. I think my most successful project was my mixed media project. the theme was amusement so I tried to incorporate that as much as possible. in the beginning I knew exactly what I wanted to do. alot of people didnt do a 3D piece but I tried to take risks. at first I wanted to do barbie dolls and G.I joes but I couldnt find any that were just the right size and that I could customize to my own liking so I used the figurines. I like to do very extravagant pieces for my art because I like people to notice them. this piece I got the most compliments on and everyone really liked it. these are all the reasons why this is my most successful project.

2. the project I think i over came the most obsticals was the pen and ink project. I really suck at drawing in general but I learned to take something im good at and make it into a piece of art.  I did this by thinking I am good at shading but not at drawing so I crumpled up paper and made it look 3D. I think this made me a better artist by thinking outside of the box to create an illusion that I am good in my weak points. at first I really douted myself and went through alot of ideas to get to this one. I started thinking about song lyrics and how song writer write them how theu are usually scattered all over the floor. I took some of my favorite lyrics and spread them out like an artists floor. this is how I overcame obsticals of my art.

3. 2 pieces which I showed most growth was my colored pencil project and the paint project. personally I think I showed alot more creativity in the paint project then the colored pencil one. the reason is because I really liked the paint project better then the colored pencil one because it has alot more color and brighter feel. even though I wanted the colored pencil one to have that kind of melancholy feel there was alot of negitive space that bothered me. the paint one had purposeful negitive space it was ment to show the spaces you see between the bricks. the paint one also showed more of my personality by showing like a rebelious kind of out there look. someone might have a different opinion then me but this is just my prefrence. this is my comparison of my 2 art peices.

 4. even though we were meant to have more freedom I still feel like we were kind of restricted. I know that we had curtain concepts that we needed to learn but it would of been better for me anyways to have at least one found material per project. this is still art 2 and I know some people dont necessarily grasp the concept of all of this art stuff but I feel we should be expected more of like more creativity. I would of done alot better on the colored pencil project if I could add stuff. as you and I can see I expressed alot more creativity on the multi media project then I did the colored pencil one. I know I could of done more creativity wise on the 2D projects but I couldnt think of any. I did however have a great time making these pieces. also I think I have done alot better now then I did in art 2.

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