Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wearable art

Solve problems
At first I tried to use another cut out but failed because it broke so I did the only other little cut out I could find. The cut out that I chose copied Ms. Sudkamp and I always want to be original but that was okay. Having the initial cut out brake was a big problem but I got past it by making my buttons original.
I stepped back and looked at my work when I first got it in the bisque kiln to just see how many there were and how I had to work to glaze them. I didn't nor have i ever really though about how the things i make will turn out i just go with it and when they don't work I'll start over and make a new one. I've always kept my "mess ups" to use in future projects.
I had alot of people working to glaze all of my buttons in 1 day and they all had great feedback. It was kind of cool to be the leader of people which I need to get use to to go into the line of work I want. The people that helped inspired me with their ideas and suggestions.

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