Monday, March 24, 2014


Artist Create Original Art
In this piece I tried to go above and beyond everyone else. Not being limited to just one medium allowed me to do this. When I made this I was thinking about how I could incorperate nature into my piece because there are so many things I could use just outside the door. Even though I have to explain alittle bit how it was a "vessel" it is still a creative piece. I thought it would be really cool to make a real life scene of something that would normally be a picture. Also I thought of what the person I was giving it to would like (that person was Ms. Whiteside). Its a vessel by the wire is holding the raindrops but essentially its not useful.
Artists Develop Art Making Skills
I learned alot from this project. I leanred that hot glue is the best binding medium for fast work. Also I learned that if you cut wood the wrong way it will make a horrid squeak which is helpful because I will probably use wood for future projects. Another thing is proportion even though my project does not have very good proportion it looks well made because of where everything is oriented. I learned that just because something looks good in the piece doesnt mean it should be there. This peice really opened me up to possibilities I didnt think was possible in school.
Artists Reflect
I had to reflect throughout this whole project. When I was making the stand for the cloud I had to measure how tall I wanted the wood to be and how much my platform could take. When I was doing the platform I had to cut the foam core to match the grass just every aspect of this project was planned. I was going to try to cut a big peice of foam and try to pour water in to see if it would give a rain effect but then I saw that it would get everything else in the peice wet and I couldnt have that happen. I tried to put a squirrel in there but it was too big and didnt fit in with the peice. Even though some of thesr ideas didnt work I still made the peice come out to my liking.

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